CSN’s primary e-commerce product is the first Payment Solution that offers a total e-commerce gateway. This single technical solution offers merchants a one stop shop for the services and facilities that enable them to generate revenue in new ways and offer customers their preferred methods of payment on a wide range of online content, goods and other products.

At CSN we pride ourselves on our ability to design, deliver and operate a total e-commerce solution to meet all your payment requirements.

The e-commerce market is booming

According to International Data Corporation, Internet users in Western Europe will more than double to over 210 million in the next two years, whilst sales via e-commerce will jump from 10 to over 125 billion Euros.

No company can afford to ignore this market place if it wishes to remain competitive.

Our success is built around the expertise of our staff, and the quality of our e-commerce solutions we deliver.

Technical Centre

CSN has its secure servers located at Harbour Exchange Square, London Docklands. The building provides some of the most advanced Internet facilities throughout Europe.

The importance of a fast and reliable communications infrastructure cannot be overstated: it is vital for your e-commerce data to be housed close to the Internet backbone. Resilience is provided by using multiple providers and diverse routes.

CSN has designed its network with several criteria in mind: very high capacity, stability, reliability and scope for easy expansion.

CSN has the technical expertise practical experience and professional approach to help its clients benefit from this new technology.

The implementation of e-commerce within your company is a unique project. That is why you need a partner who knows the impact it will have.


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