Setting the Industry Standard for Total e-commerce.

The CSN Solution revolutionises Internet micropayments by allowing users to charge goods, services or access rights directly to their telephone bill.

Uniquely, eVopay© allows users who have chosen to charge directly to their telephones multiple payment options which include but are not limited to:


EvoPay Standard

Time based charging
Pay per minute access
Variable range of pricing formats


EvoPay One Shot

Pay per download
Single charge per access/purchase
Instant merchant notification for purchase dispatch


EvoPay Per-Click

Pay per click option
Micropayment per item viewed
Low credit alert

EvoPay Subscription

Time based charging (weekly/monthly)
Unlimited access (time based)
Automatic subscription renewal request




Benefits of the new e-commerce gateway:

  • Eliminates complexity, privacy and security barriers to e-commerce.

  • No fraud. eVopay© is secure, convenient and easy to use.

  • No credit checks.

  • No waiting, just instant purchasing power.

  • Purchases can be charged to any phone, including mobiles.

  • Can be used with a permanent Internet connection (modem not required)

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