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These demonstrations show how flexible and powerful eVopay is, and how it can be used to charge for virtually any sort of goods or content.


If this is your first visit, please read "Demonstration Notes" further down this page before using the demos.


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Most of the examples revolve around charging for access to software and 'content', e.g. downloads, music, pictures, live content, and financial information. Other scenarios are also presented, such as subscription access to a web site. eVopay can be used to buy physical goods too, although the demonstrations here revolve around the exciting opportunities for web sites to charge for their services and/or content.


To get started with the demonstrations, we suggest you try either the first or second item in the list, and use the "Credit Card" method for payment (this uses a dummy credit card number). Once you get the feel for how the system operates, you can then explore the other demonstrations and payment methods according to your own interests and requirements.


When you first use the demonstrations, a Demo Account is created for you. Usually the next time you try a demonstration, the same account is automatically selected. If you want to cancel an existing registration so you can start the demonstrations from scratch, please click here.


As this is the eVopay demonstration site, we do not attempt to check or verify any of the information entered, nor do we record it. Even so, please do not enter real credit card numbers or personal details into any of the demonstrations. In real use, eVopay uses the appropriate security measures to protect personal details, and acccess to online content would not be allowed unless it had been paid for.


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