Frequently Asked Questions

What is eVopay?

eVopay© is a secure and convenient alternative to using a credit card for online purchases . Specifically designed for the Internet, it is easy to use and provides a total e-commerce solution, allowing Merchants to charge visitors to their website while allowing the customers to avoid giving their Credit Card details and so risk being exposed to fraud.

What types of payment does eVopay accept?

We offer several easy ways to make online purchases:

1) By payment using a payment provider such as PayPal or WorldPay
2) Direct to the purchaser's phone bill, using their normal handset
3) Direct to the purchaser's telephone bill, using their mobile handset

What makes eVopay so secure?

eVopay© uses specialised security software to verify your transaction. Charging to your telephone bill is the most secure option, you'll never have to risk getting your credit card number stolen, because credit cards are not used. You will always have instant purchasing power using eVopay©.

Why does eVopay protect me from Internet fraud?

eVopay© was designed and built for the Internet, and our specialised software has been designed to reduce or eliminate online fraud. Since eVopay© doesn't have to use credit card numbers, you don't have to worry about your card details being stolen on the Internet. What's more, your payment information stays off the Internet and does not get passed around from web-site to web-site as you make your purchases

Is eVopay easy to use?

Yes, with eVopay©, you can make purchases on line instantaneously,
no credit checks, no waiting. We eliminate the security risk of entering your credit card detail. Putting you in control of your account i.e. choosing when to check your balance and to charge-up. Providing you
with a range of secure charge-up methods.

What does eVopay cost to use?

Nothing, the optional software is free, and there are no set-up or annual fees, just instant purchasing power.

How do I know if a Merchant uses eVopay©?

It isn't necessary to know if a Merchant is using eVopay©, since there is no specialised set-up required for the buyer's PC. When buying online using eVopay©, the purchaser is simply asked to select their preferred payment method at the appropriate time.


How can I get more information?

If you have any further questions or queries about eVopay©, please e-mail us at


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