eVopay’s Technology
and Infrastructure Partners

Since its creation in 1992, the OFEX traded company Ashpool Telecom PLC has been dedicated to providing reliable, high quality solutions to client requirements in the communications arena. Our focus has always been not only on supplying and installing the basic system, but on making sure the complete project works as a whole.


This is made possible by our company's strong, technically skilled staff, who have wide-ranging and deep knowledge of the technology appropriate to the accelerating convergence of telecommunications, broadcasting, mixed-media and pure data systems. In particular, Ashpool Telecomm's extensive experience with high-quality Telecom Billing systems, Voice processing and Data Networking experience have enabled eVopay to construct a highly sophisticated system from Ashpool's pre-existing and field-proven technology base.



Redstone Telecom is one of the UKís leading national network operators. We are independent, both operationally and financially from other network operators and enjoy interconnect agreements with BT, CWC, One 2 One, WorldCom, Sprint and Global One.

Our network was created using the "Smart Build" concept of investment in the intelligent elements of the infrastructure, whilst leasing the physical cabling capacity. The result is coverage traditionally enjoyed by only the largest providers.

"Smart Build" has not only enabled us to achieve an enviable level of network resilience but by keeping our overheads to an absolute minimum it allows us to offer highly competitive costs. The result for our customers is competitive rates for high quality operations and services.

The network is made up of a 2.5 gigabit per second, fibre-based SDH ring overlaid with a fully operational ATM service, encompassing two high-capacity voice switching centres in the Greater London area, four additional strategically located switches in Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow and Manchester and 61 network access points in other key towns and cities.

Our current products include a range of outbound telephony services and a full range of direct response and call centre solutions. We are one of the UKís leading Premium Rate Services providers with an extensive range of rates and flexible reporting and billing packages.

Redstoneís reputation rests as much on our readiness to take advantage of new trends as on the strength of our customer relationships. Hence our current preparations for the implementation of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology. Operators such as ourselves will be able to use BTís existing copper lines to establish high bandwidth connections, capable of carrying both voice and data.

With access to the cables that run between BT exchanges and the consumer, whether business or residential, Redstone will be able to extend its network strategy to a local level and build metropolitan area networks at a significantly lower cost than is possible using fibre-optic links. The result for our customers will be the provision of cost-efficient broadband services, which integrate voice, data and the Internet for true multimedia communications in mid-2001.



Easynet Group Plc is a pan-European Internet Service Provider and
Telecommunications Company. We own one of Europe’s most advanced Internet networks, operating in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. We have a wealth of experience of successfully deploying the appropriate Internet technologies for businesses everywhere.

Easynet has it's own switching facilities, with multiple international circuits for switching voice and data. We have an extensive multihomed IP network. This provides national and international Internet connectivity for customers throughout Europe.

We help our customers plan an entire Internet strategy Our consultants work with our customers to develop the best Internet strategy for their business. We provide cost-effective upgrade paths offering scaleable world-class solutions that meet our customers’ needs now and grow with them in the future. Because we own and operate our own European network infrastructure, we deliver flexible Internet solutions for business at unbeatable quality and prices.


Redbus Investments was founded by Cliff Stanford on 7 May 1998 to provide financial, operational and management support to British companies and individuals with new and innovative ideas.

Cliff Stanford earmarked £15 million, which is being used to support Redbus ventures. Redbus is open to ideas and innovations in all industries and Cliff Stanford will be drawing on his entrepreneurial and commercial experience to support and make a success of these initiatives. All new initiatives will carry the Redbus brand and in return Redbus will hold a portion of the equity.

While Redbus provides direct support into the new ventures, its main strategy is to empower these new businesses to realise their full potential through effective internal management which is supported by the Redbus brand.

Over the last year, Redbus has grown into a diverse and innovative group of companies, with investments in a wide range of industries from film production and distribution to Internet facilities.



WorldCom (NASDAQ: WCOM) is a new kind of communication company. With 1999 revenue of more than $37 billion, WorldCom combines financial strength and a depth of resources to pursue the industry's best growth opportunities with an advanced global network built for the data-intensive era of communications . WorldCom's strategy is to capitalize on the industry's fastest growingsegments. It has a unique set of attributes to pursue this strategy, including: approximately 77,000 employees based in more than 65 countries comprising an expert workforce of Information Age architects and sales and service specialists, who are developing and delivering the building blocks for the new e-conomy. state-of-the-art, wholly-owned networks with facilities throughout North America, Latin America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, reducing its reliance on incumbent phone monopolies in the U.S. and around the world, enabling it to deliver greater value and better quality of service control to its customers, and distinguishing it from new and established competitors around
the globe a long association with the Internet that has enabled it to develop an Internet business with nearly $3 billion in annualized revenues; an entrepreneurial management team with a consistent track record for creating industry-leading shareholder value over the past 10 years; and commitment to creating innovative services and value for its customers through some of the industry's most recognized brands, including on-net, 1-800-COLLECT, MCI 5 Cent Sundays, 10-10-321, 10-10-220, 10-10-9000, UUNET, and others.

Globally, WorldCom has established itself as a local, facilities-based competitor on five continents, with high capacity connectivity to more than 50,000 buildings linked to the rest of the company's network via transcontinental and transoceanic cables.