eVopay© acts as a payment collection system for Merchants, who can use it to charge visitors to their Web site in many ways. For example, the Merchant can make a single charge for access to content, such as downloadable music, video or images. Alternatively, the Merchant can charge per click, by time spent online, or even charge a fixed fee for a longer period (for example, a monthly subscription fee).


The Merchant's customers can be charged in a number of ways, in particular they can opt to have the charges added immediately to their normal telephone bill - this makes an impulse purchase easy, and provides instant payment to the Merchant.


Essentially, eVopay© is a service offered to Merchants to allow them to quickly and easily add a simple, reliable, payment system to their web site, with a particular focus on flexibility and ease of integration.

Adding eVopay to a new or existing Website

Adding eVopay© to an existing website is simple, and can be easy as editing existing links to include the required payment. If necessary, for example the Merchant wants to only allow access to certain areas of their site after payment, instructions are available explaining how to do this with most popular web servers.


For a basic set-up, the entire process takes only a few minutes, and can be changed, updated, and modified at any time. More sophisticated systems are of course possible - eVopay© provides a rich set of options and possibilities, and example implementations complete with set-up instructions are provided in the technical documentation.

Additional Information

Once a Merchant decides to use eVopay©, they are provided with the Implementation manual which explains how to charge customers in the ways described above (and more). Sample HTML is provided together with utility tools for use where, e.g. the Merchant wishes to use encrypted links for payment. Advice and assistance is provided regarding implementation, and it is our policy to support customers using all common web technologies, for example PHP, ASP, CGI, and Perl (amongst others), and for the most popular web servers (Apache, IIS).

Further Information

For further information and to enquire about using eVopay on your web-site, please email or contact us at our head office.