Pay Per Click

This demonstration charges a small amount per item viewed. Note that the price of each item is below the limit at which a confirmation is requested from the user.


People using eVopay can configure their account to choose the amount below which they don't wish to be asked for confirmation, for example below 5p. They can also configure the system to warn them every time they've spent a certain amount, for example every £2.00.


Points of note

  • No items require confirmation.
  • If necessary, the credit page appears requesting payment
  • The third item demonstrates collection of client details before access.

Bureau Services
Section Title Price  
Environment Environmental consultancy group £0.10 BUY
Marine Marine services £0.05 BUY
Building Building and construction £0.01 BUY
Transport Land transport £0.50 BUY
Weather Latest UK weather map £0.20 BUY


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