Pay per Download (Software)

eVopay provides a convenient way to charge for downloads of any size. In this demonstration, you can buy self-installing Windows software using the links below.


Note that when buying software, the point of purchase is when you click on 'Confirm' for the transaction - so even if you then choose to cancel the download, you have still paid for the software and are therefore entitled to download it again free of charge. Normally, the software download is accompanied by a token (a 'Cookie') which allows you to re-download the software for free again in the future.


When you are offered the software for download, you would normally save it to disk but in this demonstration you may want to tell your browser to cancel the download (the program that is downloaded simply displays the eVopay logo).


Points of note

  • Confirmation is required for the purchase.
  • The payment page appears if necessary (to charge up your account)
  • The download starts automatically, and provides a manual download link as well.

Software downloads
Publisher Title Price  
MacroHard W3K (+1k bugs) £1.00 BUY
MacroHard W4K (+2k bugs) £2.00 BUY
MacroHard W8K Upgrade (+7k bugs) £2.49 BUY


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