Pay-per-Visit (Charging for Site Access)

Some sites would like to make a single charge for access to their web site. This charge could be for a single visit (for example, a legal advice site which charges for a specific question to be answered) or for unrestricted access (such as a Charity requesting a donation).


For the on-line Merchant, eVopay provides an easy payment method. The user clicks on the payment link on the Merchant's web site, and makes the payment via eVopay. They are then redirected automatically back to the Merchant's site, and the Merchant then registers that the payment has been made and grants access to the site.


Points of note

  • Adds Pay-per-visit mechanism to existing websites.
  • Site access is controlled by the Merchant
  • Sample implementations available for Merchants.

There is no demonstration available at present. Please use our Contact Page if you like to know more about this feature.


Subscription Webzines
Web Site Description Price  
Legal Advice Questions Answered £0.50 PAY FEE
Health Matters Our Doctor speaks... £0.75 PAY FEE
Disaster Relief Please help... £0.30 Donation


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