Pay-per-Minute (Live Content)

An easy and powerful way to use eVopay is to charge by time, i.e. to charge a fixed amount per minute spent viewing content.


This can be used for, say, listening to real-time Audio (say horse racing commentary, or a chatline) or for receiving a video feed (a concert broadcast, perhaps, or a special-interest event).


A particular advantage from the Merchants point of view is that this type of access is very easy to set up, since all common web servers can be set to restrict access to content unless the customer is using the eVopay billing mechanisms.


Points of note

  • A variable charge rate (per minute) can be established.
  • Easy set-up for content served by the Merchant.

There is no demonstration available at present. Please use our Contact Page if you like to know more about this feature.


Subscription Webzines
Live Feed Description Price  
Party Line Wild, wild, chat! £0.50 BUY
See Me Personal Web Cams £0.75 BUY
Dad Rock Twice as Live as Kid £0.30 BUY


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