Subscription Access (Webzines)

Many Web sites would like to make a small weekly, monthly or yearly charge for access to premium content on their website. eVopay makes this possible by providing the payment mechanism, plus the support that Merchants need to implement the 'Subscription-only' access.


To set up a subscription-based web site, the Merchant sets up their site so that new users make the initial payment via eVopay. Once the payment has been made, the user is registered with the site and can access the content for the pre-determined period. Once the time period expires, the Merchant displays a page inviting the user to make an additional payment via eVopay.


Points of note

  • Adds subscription mechanism to existing websites.
  • Subscription period is controlled by the Merchant
  • Sample implementations available for Merchants.

Subscription Webzines
Webzine Description Price Period  
Insiders Track Market Tips £0.50 5 Minutes VIEW
Weather Watch Weather Forecasts £0.75 1 Hour VIEW


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