Pay per Listen (Audio Tracks)

With the rise of Streaming media, eVopay represents an easy way to charge for the provision of Audio content over the Internet.


For example, a fixed or time-based charge can be used to listen to pre-recording or live content. Any type of streaming Audio (or Video) can be charged for - for example Real Audio or Windows Wave format (as in the case of the short extracts below).


Points of note

  • This demonstration uses .WAV files, but .RA (Real Audio) is more common
  • The content is provided as file in this case, but would normally be provided by a streaming server
  • The content could be Audio, Video, or any other format (e.g. Voice over IP, Internet Telephony)

Audio Online
Source Description Price  
Propeller Heads Concert E&B (Studio Version) £0.50 BUY
Gypsy Live Overture £0.75 BUY
Cocteau Twins Unplugged Summer Head sessions £0.30 BUY


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