Pay per Download (MP3's)

eVopay provides a convenient way to charge for downloads of any size. In this demonstration, the samples are short (a few seconds) extracts of popular tracks. Each download has a different price, and confirmation is always requested before purchasing.


Depending of the configuration of your computer, the tracks will may start playing automatically, or you may have to tell your browser to accept the download first. If your computer is not configured to play MP3's, you can still download the samples (or just click cancel - but note that since you have already confirmed the purchase, the account will still be charged.).


Points of note

  • Confirmation is required for the purchase.
  • The payment page appears if necessary (to charge up your account)
  • The download starts automatically, and provides a manual download link as well.

MP3 Music Online
Artist Title Price  
Billy Idol White Wedding £0.33 BUY
No Doubt Just A Girl £0.45 BUY
Beethoven Fur Elise £0.78 BUY


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